A merger or acquisition can strengthen or expand your market position, secure new technologies, or facilitate expansion into foreign markets.

As a mergers & acquisitions specialist with a proven track-record, CCI will advise you throughout the entire process. Depending on the situation, we will offer you a tailored advisory service which could include the following phases:

Succession planning of family owned or entrepreneurially driven companies is a major decision in securing the future of the business.

For larger corporations, the decision to sell subsidiaries or entire divisions is motivated by economic, strategic or operational factors.

The succession planning or divestiture process should be tailored to the specific situation and client objectives and may therefore vary significantly.

We provide our clients with results-oriented advice throughout the entire succession planning or divestiture process, from the review of strategic options to the closing of the transaction:

A management buy-out (MBO) or management buy-in (MBI) presents an opportunity for successful managers to become business owners.

The planning and execution of MBOs and MBIs is a challenging process that requires specific know-how and a professional approach. A MBO process could include the following phases:

Alternatives for private companies to traditional bank financing include equity financing (e.g. through private equity funds or private individuals), (private) debt placements or hybrid securities (e.g. mezzanine capital).

It is important to identify the best method of financing and capital providers for the specific situation. This requires specialized expertise and close contacts with a multitude of banks, companies and private investors. Together with other specialists (lawyers, tax advisors, etc.), we can structure financing solutions for complex situations.

We act as advisor for Capital Market Transactions such as public takeover offers, share capital increases, convertible bonds or IPOs and take charge of the strategy, planning and organization of the transaction.

As an independent advisor we work closely with a number of different banks and can support our clients in selecting the right institution for the execution of the transaction.

Our discretion is particularly appreciated for such Capital Market Transactions.

CCI offers various services to support a company in its Business Development activities. Examples include the organization of workshops with the heads of product lines and/or regions, the management of a central database with potential acquisition targets, the contacting of potential targets, etc.

The following illustration shows an example of a business development process: