In the past years, we have been advisors to numerous transactions including the following examples which have been executed mostly in German speaking Europe. Many of our transactions are cross-border. Our clients are willing to give a personal reference or recommendation.

Selected References

Erweiterte Referenzenliste

Company Business Activity Buyer/Investor Seller Revenues (m)
Z-Systems Dental Implants Straumann Group1 Metalor Holding (Majority Shareholder) n/d
Cham Paper Specialty Paper Sappi Group1 Cham Paper Group1 EUR 180
Kolbus Binding/Bookline Division Perfect Binding and Bookline Machines Müller Martini Group Kolbus Group n/d
AFG Arbonia-Forster1 Building Products Michael Pieper / Artemis AFG Arbonia - Edgar Oehler1 CHF 1'000
Goloy Natural Cosmetics Nahrin and ebi-pharm Founding Shareholders n/d
WICOR Automotive & Industrial Components for the Automotive Industry Techniplas WICOR CHF 230
Blackout Fashion Retail Opcon Founding Shareholders n/d
Forster Kühltechnik Refrigeration Technology Metall Zug1 AFG Arbonia-Forster1 n/d
Forbo Industrial Adhesives2 Industrial Adhesives H.B. Fuller1 Forbo Holding1 USD 395
Feintool International1 Fineblankig Michael Pieper / Franke Stock Exchange (Takeover Offer) CHF 400
3S Industries1 Production Lines for the Solar Industry Merger with Meyer Burger1 3S Industries1 CHF 100 / 600
frifri Frying Systems Middleby Corporation1 Franke CHF 10
Schlatter1 Resistance Welding and Wire Weaving Metall Zug / Huwa Zurmont Finanz CHF 200
Evostate Real Estate Development Private Investors Steiner AG n/d
Siemens Naval Comm. Electronic Naval Communication Com / Net Siemens1 EUR 10
Espace Real Estate1 Real Estate Franke Immobilien Share Capital Increase n/d
Forbo1 Flooring, Adhesives, Belting Michael Pieper / Franke Stock Exchange CHF 1'600
Company Business Activity Buyer/Investor Seller Revenues (m)
Nelm Electronic Manufacturing Private Investor Siemens1 CHF 40
Tivoli Klebstoff Specialty Chemicals Sika1 Tivoli Werke EUR 35
StudiVZ Online Students Network Holtzbrinck Founding Shareholders n/d
Zander & Mielke Security Services Power-Group Hamburger Sparkasse / Siemens1 CHF 10
Fabrisolar Solar Electricity Conergy Family CHF 10
Göhner Merkur TU General Contractor Zschokke Siemens1 CHF 230
Baumeler Reisen Travel Industry Knecht Holding Several Parties CHF 15
Salvis Coffee Machines Franke Holding Eichhof1 CHF 10
Ring Garage Automotive Daimler Chrysler1 Private Individual CHF 50
Jomos Brandschutz* File Protection Vinci1 Jomos Holding CHF 35
Eurosprinkler* File Protection Vinci1 Jomos Eurosprinkler n/d
Polybag Gruppe* Polyurethan Foam Systems Sika1 FLM Holding CHF 40
Econis* Cloud- and IT-Solutions Anlagestiftung Renaissance BLR Partners CHF 20
Elag* Flexible Packaging Ampac Holdings Elag CHF 40
Display Elektronika* Technical Components Dätwyler1 Founding Shareholders n/d
Sitag* Office Furniture NowyStyl Nimbus CHF 35
Nedis Beheer* Technical Components Dätwyler1 Gilad CHF 120
Company Business Activity Buyer/Investor Seller Revenues (m)
Maagtechnic* Mechanical Engineering Components Eriks Dätwyler1 CHF 160
Wajer & Wajer* Shipyard Energia Advies Albatros Trading CHF 10
Triumph Thailand* Textile Fashion Body Fashion Thailand Ltd. Triumph International n/d
Climatex* Technical Textiles BLR Partners Several Shareholders n/d
Astramedia* Media Private Investors Astramedia CHF 15
Oerlikon Neumag Austria* Textile Machinery China High-Tech Group OC Oerlikon1 n/d
Faude & Huguenin* Medals and precious metals Reviva Faude & Huguenin CHF 15
EBM Telecom* Telecom Besonet / Quickline Gruppe EBM Genosssenschaft Elektra Birseck CHF 12
Datahouse* Business Analytics Wüest & Partner Datahouse n/d
hartec Anlagenbau* PVD Coatings OC Oerlikon1 Hartec CHF 12
Oerlikon Balzers* Optical Coatings Buy-in Investors OC Oerlikon1 CHF 35
Movota* Interactive Media Bertelsmann Movota n/d
Simyo* Telecom E-Plus Simyo EUR 85
Minick* Interactive Media Swisscom1 Minick Holding und THQ CHF 40
Ermafa Kunststofftechnik* Plastics Technology Donton Industrial Holding OC Oerlikon1 n/d
Video Intelligence* Media Private Individual Private Individual - Minority CHF 50


1) Listed company
2) Co-Advisor
*) A CCI Partner was lead advisor to this transaction prior to his time at CCI.
Bold = Client
n/d = not disclosed